Ikona Sygnanet

How to remain an anonymous whistleblower?



Company computers and telephones

If you want to report a disturbing event, never use your company computer or phone! Some employers install monitoring software on their equipment, and you may not even know it. Such software can track everything you do: the history of web pages you browse, files and folders you access, logs unknown USBs to which documents are transferred, messages sent, conversations held, and other activities that may reveal your identity.


Other company equipment

If you print or scan documents at your company that you intend to attach to a report using the Sygnanet platform, you expose yourself to disclosure. These devices store information about the documents and are equipped with a tracking code to help you reach the individual. Therefore, attachments cannot be registered by any company device. Also, do not transfer them from a company computer/phone to a private one or copy them to an external drive.



Using the Company Internet

If you want to report a disturbing event, for the sake of anonymity, follow one more important tip: never use the company's Internet (both cable and Wi-Fi connections). Even if you connect a private device (smartphone, computer) to such a network, all your movements on this device may be recorded. This will make it easier to identify you as a whistleblower.

Please also note that:


Handwriting can easily reveal your identity (signed documents, handwritten notes, etc.).

Other People

Do not talk to other employees about your intention to report the abuse.

Incognito mode

Private mode in your browser only means not saving your browsing history, it does not guarantee anonymity.

Distraction and hurry

Carefully read the content of the message you are about to send. Does it include any information that might give away your identity?

Consultation with a lawyer

If you still do not feel safe, consider consulting with a labour lawyer.

To report abuse, use a private device connected to a private (home) network. Do not attach documents that may reveal your identity. If you are still concerned about your safety, you can also use VPN services.